Beetroot, feta & spinach pesto pizza

Beetroot, red onion, feta, spinach pesto and mozzarella on a semolina crust

Also known as “how to ruin a detox weekend”, but I’m just being a bit melodramatic. 🙂 Another Baking Society meeting, another theme – this time it was “Red.” Cue the comments of red velvet cupcakes, strawberry macaroons and berry flavoured things. BORING.

As I am on a quest to find the best pizza crust recipe (to my liking), I thought I’d attempt a semolina pizza crust recipe I found and then use Baking Society as a reason to not eat all of what I baked (or to share my glorious triumph of the perfect pizza crust). I’d stumbled across this set of pizza topping ingredients during the week, and thought it’d be perfect to represent “red.” I adapted the recipe a little as I didn’t have any rocket (arugula) and added a bit more pepper to compensate. I’m also not sure if I like goat’s cheese, and decided that it wasn’t appropriate to find out when feeding other people. So I used feta instead.

Verdict? Pizza topping combination was great. Definitely something I’ll do again (especially given that most of the ingredients can typically be found in my fridge/pantry, and it’s easy for me to keep a can of sliced beetroot on hand for this). Pizza crust wasn’t to my liking – I have another recipe that I prefer, but I think that this is a good crowd-pleaser recipe. It was a good crunch and is very chewy. It’s a crust that needs topping or otherwise may take a bit more effort to chew (unless you put butter on it… errr…)