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Blue Group start for the City2Surf

A few weeks ago I decided that completing this year’s City2Surf would mark the end of the little voice in my head saying, “You really ought to go out for a run.” Between finding running increasingly boring and the occurrence of the Olympic Games, I really didn’t get much running done. I did squeeze in a few short rides, although some should have been runs…

Turns out I ran 1 min faster than last year, making the run a PB. Not an impressive PB, but still my best.  That little “run-guilt” voice shouldn’t pop into my head in future rides now. 🙂 And with the Olympic Games over, I have no excuses in getting back onto the road and into the gym – aside from being a bit sore from today’s run (actually the run just made some other niggles I had noticed while riding obvious, so time to see the physio again).

Renewed attitude, new blog. Hello!