Choir bakes

Apple cinnamon muffins

I’m part of a local amateur choir, and everytime we have a performance, we’re expected to bring something to share… with our audience. As I had just moved to a new diet where I was not consuming any gluten or any fruit for the first 14 days, but had plenty of normal gluten-containing flour and a few apples lying around, I didn’t mind making a double batch of apple muffins. I threw on some rolled oats to continue to increase the gluten content!

The recipe is based on Stephanie Alexander’s basic muffins from her Cook’s Companion book, but I doubled the recipe, added three grated apples (compared to the recommended two) and two teaspoons of cinnamon (as recommended) to the mix, and topped them with rolled oats. The topping didn’t quite turn out as I would have liked – I should have pre-toasted the oats or used a crumble topping to get  a nice change in texture to the rest of the muffin.