Lo carb gluten free wraps

Fantastic wraps: gluten-free but still flexible!

My new diet really cuts back on carbohydrates (no fruit, sugar or refined carbs – complex carbs OK for lunch and afternoon tea/meal only), and after a few days of being confined to foods that could be eaten with cutlery I sought an easy recipe for gluten free wraps. I found a good post on the Healthy Indulgences blog that not only had a recipe for gluten-free wraps but also some good information on stocking a (low carb) gluten free pantry. I have to confess that my pantry is only just starting to get some kind of order since the gluten-free supplies stock-up.

I’ve been made aware of how non-flexible gluten-free wraps can be, so I was pleasantly surprised that these came out so well! The recipe is especially easy to go through successful if you have a sandwich press, take the desired quantity of mix, press down and in a few minutes you’ll have some wraps! If you’ve overcooked them and they’ve lost their pliability let them rest on a paper towel after pressing.

My wraps generally followed the recipe in the link, but with a very minor changes due to what I had available in the pantry. I used 3 tbsp ground LSA (linseed, sunflower, almond)2 tbsp almond meal1 tbsp buckwheat flour, 1/2 tsp protein powder1/2 tsp xanthan gum, 1/8 tsp sea salt, 1/4 tsp baking powder. The liquid ingredients were the same as in the original recipe. Later in the week I found that my local Woolworths stocked flaxseed so I’ll substitute 2 of the LSA tablespoons with flaxseed and make it closer to the original recipe. I also found I could add a bit more water and stretch out the mix to three wraps when made in a sandwich press.


Chocolate mousse sans chocolate

Chocolate and avocado “mousse”

Early into my new diet, I decided to try making an avocado and cocoa “chocolate mousse”. I blended 2 avocadoes with about 4 tablespoons of cocoa, added a touch of vanilla essence and a little maple syrup to sweeten things a little. It’s a lot healthier than a typical mousse, without losing too much of the fun of mousse! I made a second batch later with natvia in place of the maple syrup to make it more guilt-free than before!

While it’s healthier than a real mousse, it does have a fairly high calorie count due to the (good) fats in the avocadoes. I tend to split my mix into six portions, and add a little self control.

A detox weekend

Detox breakfast: fruit salad

I know I said I was going to ride more often, but I’d also been craving a detox weekend – where I generally feel too lethargic by the second day to go out for a ride. Also, I tend to really need food when riding and none of the recipes in the detox book are all that transportable…

Uni has been getting a bit more insane lately, and I completely acknowledge that I’ve been eating crap (although that’s also a result of not getting a fruit & veg box every fortnight as I have in the past, but there are various reasons for that). I refuse to do stupid detoxes which are based on fasting – so following Max Tomlinson’s Clean Up Your Diet plans (which include plenty of food) keeps me happy.

I picked the Weekend Detox Plan (there are three “diets” – Detox, Digestion Tune Up and Energy-boost – and three plans for each diet starting with a weekend, extending to a week and finally there’s a four-week plan), stocked up on the necessary ingredients and had a pretty enjoyable weekend. I went for a swim on Saturday morning (to bid adieu to any energy I may have had in reserve) and then stuck to the program… well, except for a bit of a bread and butter moment on Sunday involving a pizza crust (Baking Society meeting the next day + new pizza crust recipe = needing to sample the crust, and I added butter to help me chew it as it was a bit dry sans toppings.)

I did take photos of all the food, but my camera is old and sometimes does weird things in poorly lit conditions… so only my breakfast shots look good. And I had the same breakfast both days – a large helping of fruit salad.