Welcome FR70

The FR70 clearly has a more flexible strap than the FR60!

My FR60 met an unfortunate end – one that even DC Rainmaker’s FR60 had met. The strap tore. I still don’t understand how this could happen, but happen it did.  At least I’m not alone in doing this. However, the unit was only 4 months old! It was actually a replacement unit for my original FR60, which had internal fog occurring after about 10 months, so the second FR60 was out of warranty.

I was initially going to buy another FR60 to replace it, but when I read that the FR70 had a better wrist-strap I happily paid the extra $29 for the newer model. Also, I could really only get the FR60 cheap in lilac, and I struggled to bring myself to do it. The FR70 wrist-strap saved me from lilac. I actually had the option of repairing the wrist strap on my FR60, but at a cost of about 65% of the new FR70, it didn’t seem economical. Especially given that my tear was not a one-off.

The FR60/FR70 cannot be purchased without a heart-rate monitor, of which I already have one. It was a downside to purchasing another FR60/FR70, but at least the FR70 comes with the newer heart-rate monitor. I tinkered with the idea of getting a GPS enabled watch, but after doing the research found that the only one I really liked was the Forerunner 610 – the 910XT was nice in terms of functionality, but not so nice style-wise. It’s a bit of a tank. Style is why I went for the slightly larger men’s model of the FR70 – I wasn’t particularly keen on the pink or the swirls of the women’s model. The FR70 is a more discreet watch than the Forerunner 610, although it doesn’t look as clean (the 610 has a touchscreen, which removes the need for lots of buttons).

When I thought that the main reason why I would want GPS, I decided it was for when I cycled. Looking at the Edge 500 and Edge 800, I thought that I’d be far happier with that on my bike than I would be with the 610. So I ended up with the FR70.

Yes, they’re all Garmin as I already have the foot pod and bike sensors that are compatible with Garmin and the ANT+ system.