Mini carrot cupcakes

I don’t know why, but I have developed an anti-taste for carrots. I used to love them and found it weird that Dad wasn’t a fan… and now I’ve joined him! But sometimes I’ll come home from the shops with a 1kg bag of carrots, use a few in something or other, and then end up with the rest in the fridge for quite a while! Enter the humble carrot cake!

Mini carrot cupcakes at uni. They were meant to be given away but I ended up eating most. Oops.

I didn’t think about it when I started mixing up the batter for this cake, but having a fibrous base meant that the texture didn’t change significantly when using my gluten-free flour mix! I’ve been lucky so far with my substitutes, first opera cake jaconde (predominantly almond flour) and now carrot cake! I think I might even be able to make this one sugar-free and low-carb with a few more rounds of tweaking.

The recipe I used came from based on the Australian Women’s Weekly Afternoon Tea book – the same one as that I used to make the lime macarons. I tweaked it a little – replacing half of the brown sugar in the recipe with Natvia. I felt it tasted a little sweet, but I’m still getting to know Natvia. The best thing about making them mini-sized, is that they only take 1tsp of batter each, so it’s unlikely others would notice the sweetness unless they had a few of them!


Cupcakes for cancer

I swear the turd-looking salted caramel icing was fab!

I was unfortunately too busy last week to help Baking Society more than just the one night in their attempt to fundraise for the Cancer Council. The process involved baking lots of cupcakes, icing them, transporting them to uni and selling them. For five days of last week. That’s a lot of baking… but it was fun (on the one day I helped bake!) – although I can understand why some who’d been helping each night were completely sick of it by Friday! However, they raised $4500, which I think is fantastic and a reflection as to why they were so tired!