Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

… or office – my bike! I finally got it down to a shop (one near uni that I hadn’t used before) and they fixed it on the spot – despite Spring Cycle on a few days later (an excuse that one shop once gave to me when I was trying to book it in for a service).

I missed having my bike next to me all day!

This means that it’s been 12 months since the last service, but I’ve replaced the chain in that period, and the shop I used this time gave the gear cables a good adjustment. I had just checked and tweaked the brakes the night before, so I was happy that they were happy with them too (as they checked the brakes but made no adjustments). The next piece of major work on the bike will be the handlebars, as I seem to be enjoying having them lower. It’s also been a while since I last had a long ride, so we’ll see how I feel about them, and if I want to go lower again (and if I want to make it permanent!)

I’m still seeking a better small baggage combination for the bike. I finally have my saddle bag sitting up higher on the stem so that my taillight is well above the rear rack (the light falls off from the loop on the bag) – but I don’t like the tri-bag I have on the front. I like having it to store keys, my phone and lip balm during commutes (money too during rides), but my uni keys are substantial due to the presence of an ID card and my preference for using a lanyard – so getting them out of the bag is a careful affair as I don’t want everything else out of the bag! Also, if I have a fall, things tend to fall out. Sadly, I know this from experience!

So, it’s not that I intend to fall, but shit happens sometimes. And I don’t want to be scrambling for things in the middle of a busy road when it does. I’m thinking about the Timbuk2 Goody Box, but I think I need to see it in real life as the reviews online vary substantially. They do justify my attitude to my on-bike storage – I’m clearly not the only one in search of perfection!