I grew up in Melbourne, and now live in Sydney. I made the move north to start a PhD, which I am still working towards – unless I’m procrastinating. But that just makes me yet another student struggling to manage time appropriately to get work done.

I’m also trying to live a healthy lifestyle, and to have a good level of fitness. I enjoy cooking, tea (black, grey, white – but no Earl Grey or similar varieties, thanks!) and dunking biscuits into black teas. I love butternut snap biscuits, but am also tempted by Kingstons, Anzac biscuits and scotch fingers. I also love doughnuts, which should make me cool as it’s the latest trend or somethingI get party pies cravings but I lament that they are difficult to find in bakeries and cafes, so I don’t often give into these cravings. It really is a sad tale.

I do have another blog elsewhere, which includes my uni life, but I’m a bit tired of it (uni life, not the blogging) and after spending most of my time thinking about it, I’d hate to think that I’m spending time away from uni work by writing about uni! My other blog is on Blogger, I’m now trying to be different – Hello WordPress!

As for my bike, well it’s a Merida Speeder. I love it. It gets me through the short commutes to uni, longer rides around Sydney on weekends and everything in between. It undergoes various changes during the week as I use it for all its uses. You’ll typically see it with a rack (say hello if you see us cruising about Sydney!), although whether I’m using panniers or the super-ugly but functional basket depends on my activities and the weather. It’s usually stripped back if I’m going into the city and locking it to random places or if I’m going on longer rides (with the added advantage of using a cable lock and not carrying the heavy D-lock). If the ride’s extra long then the rack will be on the bike, along with a trunk bag. I suspect I have more luggage options for my bike than I do for myself!


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